5 Life Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

That I wish someone had told me earlier.

Abhi Thakur
3 min readMar 23, 2021
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This year, I will turn 23.

Though not a big number, 1147 weeks of experience has taught me a hell lot of lessons which I wish someone had told me earlier.

Learning and evolving is a constant process. Learning from your own mistake helps you to avoid it later. However, learning from someone’s else mistake lets you avoid it at all.

Here are my 5 life lessons which I learned the hard way.

1. Playing sports is not a waste of time

I was an introvert, a guy with low self-esteem. A studious kid who never took part in sports. For me, it was nothing but a waste of time.

But the reality was somewhat lot different.

Fear of embarrassment always hampered me from getting out of my comfort zone. I never had the courage of going out on the field and play sports with my heart out.

Years later, I learned that playing sports gives a major boost in your confidence. It boosts you mentally and physically, something which I craved for years.

Today, I spend 10% of my time playing cricket. And it has really helped me in improving my productivity and confidence.

2. Never ignore what your body is trying to tell you

I wear glasses.

I have a power of -4 in both eyes.

It would have been a lot better, had I known what my body is trying to tell me.

For one year, I felt my vision is getting blurred and I cannot see the blackboard from a distance.

But for me, it was just another problem which I ignored, blaming the distance between me and the blackboard is longer.

One year later, when I got my eyes checked, my Ophthalmologist immediately prescribed me glasses with a power of -2.

Had I grasped the problem my body was telling me about, maybe I would have got freedom from my glasses.

3. Don’t underestimate the importance of exercise

A healthy mind and a healthy body are responsible for every productive work you do.

Neglecting your health and avoiding exercise will lead you nowhere.

You will regret this in your 30s.

I used to consume fast food almost daily and never took exercise seriously. I joined a gym that I left after 6 months.

Exercise requires determination and consistency which I lacked.

A lot later, it started having an adverse effect on my body. I was suffering from acne, fatigue, and restlessness. I felt like doing nothing all day. It was destroying me from inside and outside.

I knew I needed to change.

Now, I am active in my daily life. Still, I haven’t joined the gym but being physically active has filled the gap.

4. Looks and Personality matters a lot

If someone is telling you that looks don’t matter, just ask them, would they date anyone they come across?

They would definitely say no.

Looks matter a lot whether you are on a date or a job. When you meet someone for the first time, they will judge you on the basis of your looks and personality. It’s basic human nature.

For years, I have overlooked my looks and personality. Never spared even one minute to change the way I look (at least in my eyes). Never cared about my face, skin, and body.

Today, I keep myself groomed and don’t hesitate to buy men’s beauty products that I earlier felt ashamed of.

5. Academics are equally important

Last but not least, academic life is equally important.

Choosing your career wisely is an important step. Any mistake in your choices makes it harder for you to move forward as I did.

I did the mistake of choosing the wrong college which affected my studies. I compromised with my institution and now I am struggling to learn one single thing. I have to do it all on my own.

Don’t repeat the same mistake I did.

Make wise choices in your academic life and you will never regret anything.

That’s all the hard lessons I have learned in my life. If someone has told me about this a lot earlier, my life would have been much better.

Tell me if these simple pieces of advice have helped you change your life. I would love to hear back from you.

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