6 Productive Ways To Quickly Improve Your Life

A six-step process to take a lead on your life.

Abhi Thakur
5 min readApr 6, 2021
Photo by Kristina Wagner on Unsplash

Here’s the simple math: Product + Activity = Productivity.

It means how active you are on your product. The term product here implies your daily work. The whole equation means how much active you are in your daily work.

Fruitful results are the efforts of your productive life. Being productive in your life rewards you with rich success and happiness.

But the sad reality is 90% of our generation never feels productive throughout their life. They don’t feel the urge to be creative and productive. They don’t know how to handle their work more efficiently and how to yield out 3x or 4x results.

I know how it feels. I have been there. Not having an urge to do anything still gets a hold of me. But I have learned to control my emotions. Otherwise, it only leads to procrastination. It’s a bad sign of leading a good life. To control your life on your own rather than getting controlled by your emotions is the best way to be productive.

Here are the 6 productive ways to quickly improve your life.

1. Pay attention to your surroundings

When I would sit down to write or get done with my work, I would feel it difficult to do. And believe me, I never noticed before why it happened. When I took a toll on my surroundings, I found my workspace is not productive. My books weren’t organized. My PC didn’t know what being clean means. Everything was a mess. I didn’t know when I have seen sunlight in my room the last time. There wasn’t enough space to breathe. All of these were affecting my productivity. I was not feeling the urge to get done with my work and celebrate with a coffee.

Finally, I decided to go for a change. I quickly organized my workspace, cleaned my PC, kept my windows open to let the air and sun see my face. It was much better than before. My mind was tingling when I saw my workspace. I was feeling enthusiastic and ready to take up the challenge. It was all worth the effort.

So next time, you feel dizzy or unable to pay heed to your work, look for your surroundings. What are they trying to tell you? If they need a bit of change, act on it immediately.

2. Practice exercise daily

You don’t need to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Freehand exercise or a little bit of cardio like cycling, swimming will do good for you. Exercise gives a very positive effect on your brain. You improve your blood circulation through exercise. Your muscles feel more active and energetic. Altogether, it improves your mental performance.

I am active past six months and trust me, it has served me well. Don’t give yourself an excuse “I don’t have time for this” or “I don’t feel well”. Move that little ass up and get ready for real training. Your mind will work better than ever.

3. Sleep well for 8–9 hrs

I know some people who advise everyone to wake up before the sun rises, i.e. 4 A.M. Well, that’s good if you are a morning person. Don’t force your body to wake up if you can’t. You won’t do any good to your body even though you wake up at 4 A.M.

Your body is a machine. Like a machine that needs rest to work more effectively, your body also seeks the same from you. You can’t expect to sleep at 11 and wake up at 4. It’s insane. Your productivity will degrade. That’s not a good sign.

Speaking of me, I never wake up before 8 A.M. or even 9 A.M. Yet, I am able to yield better results. So, wake up as your body feels. Sleep well for 8–9 hrs. Give your body and mind complete rest. And, when you wake up the next day, you will thank me first.

4. Consume healthy food

Believe it or not, but a healthy eating habit has a positive impact on your body and mind. Your body is like the factory that produces what’s it get inside. What you eat, shows up on your body. If you consume healthy food, your body will feel more enthusiastic and healthy. Your mind will find itself more productive. Some foods like fatty fish, broccoli, pumpkin seeds are found to improve your brain and memory.

Eat healthy, live healthy! — should be your motto.

5. Develop a hobby

Repeatedly doing the same work every day can be a tedious task. You will be fed up quickly. The work you love with your heart out can be the most boring thing to do. To deal with this problem, so you can preserve your love for what you do, develop yourself a hobby. A hobby can be something which you would like to do in your free time. And believe me, hobbies were an inspiration for popular entrepreneurs whom you now see.

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., joined a calligraphy class in college after he dropped out. Ten years later, it proved to be an inspiration for Apple’s beautiful typography.

Look for hobbies, who knows when they become your inspiration for your next project.

6. Feed your mind with knowledge

Your mind is an empty box with infinite capacity. No matter how much knowledge you consume every day, it can never be filled. Your mind is hungry for information, just like your stomach is hungry for food. When you feed your mind with information, I mean lots of information, your mind adapts and improves itself. It becomes more creative and productive. And the best way you can do this is by—reading books.

Consume as much information as you can. Your mind can learn from the best experiences — either from you or books. It will help you to become more productive.

Adding these simple-looking steps in your life takes you one inch closer to your goal. If you find it difficult to act on everything, I say, ace it one by one and you will build yourself a successful habit. Better to improve by 1% every day rather than never taking a step forward.

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