I Tried Affiliate Marketing For One Month — And The Results Shocked Me

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One of the effective side-hustles to earn a passive income is — Affiliate Marketing.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Affiliate Marketing industry is well over $12 billion with the US and Europe leading the way. And it is bound to grow by 10% in the next few years.

Learning about the benefits of affiliate marketing, I decided to give it a try.

I signed up for the Amazon affiliate program in India. The program says for every sale I make through my content, I will be awarded a 4% commission. For example, if anyone purchases a product worth ₹400, I will get ₹16 as my commission.

P.S. Commission rate varies depending on the product. For mobile accessories, it can go up to 4% but for furniture, kitchen appliances, it can go over 9%.

I and my friend run a YouTube channel with the name ADY Tech. It is primarily based on technology. We added all the affiliate links of the products listed in our videos. And hoped for our viewers to click and purchase from the link.

After one month, the results shocked us.

Screenshot from the author

In the first month, which started in June, we collected ₹1,629 from affiliate links. I knew the amount was quite low but it intrigued us as we did not expect we would really make sales. Months after months, our revenue started to grow exponentially.

Screenshot from the author

The second month saw a 3x rise in our revenue. We collected ₹5,198 from the sales. It was a major boost in our confidence. We knew we could make it our second source of income (the first one is Google AdSense).

Screenshot from the author

In total, we collected over ₹60,000 last year and made over ₹1,500,000 worth of sales. For a newbie who has just stepped into affiliate marketing, the amount was huge. It gave a major boost to our revenue. Though we don’t make much through AdSense, affiliate marketing has helped our online business to keep afloat.

How can you repeat the same success which we did?

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science. All the people out there are not scientists who have successfully made income through affiliate marketing. Only the consistent effort and right tactics help them to increase their revenue.

Let me tell you the one and only way to boost your affiliate sales — give your viewers what they want.

Your viewer only craves information. They ramble over the internet looking for someone who can give them the right information. But alas! all they find is someone convincing them to buy some shit which they don’t even understand.

You don’t have to persuade your viewer to buy anything from you. If you provide your viewer with the right information in the right way, they are actually looking for, he/she won’t mind buying it from you.

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Abhi Thakur

Abhi Thakur

I write, design, and edit stuff. Join my email list here: https://abhithakur.ck.page/67f8aa0e98

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